The state of my country, Nigeria,horrifies me. A non-functional entity that keeps pushing people to their deaths. Last week, a handful of Nigerian migrants drowned in the Mediterranean while seeking passage to greener pastures, to Europe.

This week, it is Libya. Scores of Nigerians who sought to pass through Libya to Europe have been abducted and being sold as slaves for as little as 400 dollars.

Looking how far we’ve come and the human and natural resources we have, other African nations should be trooping into Nigeria to make a living and a life but the reverse is the case. We should be on part with South Africa and even greater.

We never had a bloodied history as much as Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Rwanda. Rwanda of Hutsi Tutsu Genocide of 1991 that almost wiped out the country, Rwanda that is the fastest growing economy in Africa, Rwanda that has offered to host 30,000 migrants stuck in Libya.

So what is it that actually keeps on the ground, unmoving, year in, year out? What renders our government and structures incompetent and non-functional? What exactly?

We should bring our social media engineering to bear in cases like this, instead we’re perpetually stuck in gender wars and ‘feminist’ revolutionary. We need a real revolutionary and not wives killing their husbands and branding it revolution.

We are a generation with misplaced priorities. We’re suffering and smiling, ebbing away slowly, grateful for the the slow death.

It is a celebrity’s nude butt today, tomorrow, it’ll be some side chick calling out a man, and the cycle continues. And that is all we live for.

What do we have to do to make Nigeria work. The ineptitude is like a giant vacuum cleaner, sucking every one in, into chaos and corruption.