Hello Everyone,

Guess you all are doing great? I Pray the New week we are about to step in brings good fortune and unexpected blessings 🙏

We’ve got a very interesting Topic at hand to discuss today 😎 and we want you all to comment based on your experience.

We listed 3 Key Factors and we want you to choose one you think makes a Relationship better or make it stronger.

⇨ True Love

⇨ Money

⇨ Big Cassava (D!ck)

From your experience with Ladies 👇

Which Do You Think Makes A Relationship Better Or Make It Work Out The Most?
Drop your comments.

For Me:-

My own sha be say one babe don free me upon all the Money go meet one guy wey get chance to they call am 24hrs a day.

Jobless guys are really making this Relationship things hard for guys who don’t really have much time for stupid things like us oooo 😂😂

In my own case, I go with True love.

What about you?